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Cristiano Palazzini

Photographer, Taoist and Developer.

I have been an entrepreneur in Information Technology for many years. I have taught Taoist practices for a long time and in 2008 I moved again to my old passion for coding and photography.

Since then I have been producing stock images and footage, while being still involved in high tech through my software company developing mobile apps for iOS devices and, more recently, on privacy&security (see in Italian). I am still practicing taoist qigong and meditation but teaching only part-time in Milan and online. In case of interest, you may find some useful information (again in Italian) at

If you are interested in my work, and would like to cooperate on any project, feel free to get in touch with me. I can be booked for narrative or commercial content.

I will be happy to travel worldwide for interesting photo or video projects.

What I do


Loving geometries, I'm always attracted to architectural related projects.


I am curious about people. And I like to think I can portrait them at their best.

Mobile Developer

I develop natively in Swift for iOS devices. Check my apps at:

Taoist teacher

If you're interested in Taoism, please do check my site (in Italian) at:

Why Choose Me?

Among other consideration, you should always choose a professional for your photography and video works. At least if you want professional results. Prices, attitude and ethics are among the many differences you will experience compared to week-end amateurs. I am a professional photographer, member of TAU Visual, the Italian Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti.

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